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talkin bout my generation...

Sometimes I just get sick of it.

Hearing people say that the good ole days are gone.

Our generation isn’t worth a slap on the ass.


Well, I mean I guess that we’ve earned it because all that’s in the news about our generation is drugs, scandal, abuse…

They’re more than willing to talk about all our wrongs,

The self-righteousness of our elders is enough to make anybody want to scream.

None of them want to talk about the 18 year old heroes

Or the single teen mothers with no help from their families, still trying to make a better life for her child.

Or the way we can take something ugly, and turn it into something that gets artistic praise

How is it possible for somebody to live with so much begrudging and fear?

How do they look past us taking their negative accusations and making them into a drive?

The question is how do THEY sleep at night?

yes, the world is crying out for help, but we are answering

They don’t know us and they never will.

We are hungry, we are eager, we are strong, and we have hope.

More than they will ever know.

steady as we go

 if there is one thing i have come to know in my 19 years on this earth, it is this.

just when i think i'm finding my footing, and i'm on sturdy ground, i get knocked on my ass. 


everyday i am seriously amazed by music. great music. bad music. i love it. i will never be able to pay back those artists who have been there for me so many beautiful days and never-ending nights. 

music protects me from my thoughts.

it helps me sort out my dreams.

it speaks to me and it helps me speak.

it lets me know that i am not alone when i am all by myself.

there's the good

and there's the bad.

and the rest is just shit you have to deal with and you don't have time to think about what it is.  


change. a simple word. a word that hold different meanings to different americans. on this day. many americans are waiting for the promised "change". many who have doubts are growing impatient and wary.

but, change HAS come. when you look in the faces of a stranger on the street, the clerk at the gas station, there is something in their eyes. when you feel the ambiance of a room of a generation that never thought they'd live to see the day, there is something in their hearts. when you feel the hope and gratitude of a nation, you're feeling the change. when you see a young man help an elder woman across the street. when you hear a class of students tell their teachers that they WILL be president some day. when a young girl stands up for herself and puts her brain before a boy. change is a gift we have given ourselves. it is wrapped in packages of all shapes and sizes. dressed with faith, hope, and love. 

americans have been in need of the change we have brought ourselves. we did not do it alone. one man inspired us to get up and make the wrongs right. to be the change we want in the world. the change we need.

we have come a long way, and yet we've got many roads ahead.

change is not the destination, but the journey.

remember this moment,
vanessa renee

i think

that dying isn't letting go, but grabbing ahold.

i'm sick of writing about things..

 I WANT TO DO THEM >_____<

life's majesties

 ok..so you read the title of this and think..mmmkay....?

but no seriously.

it is truly amazing how in one day we can be in the depth of winter, and just be so cold that our bones are rattling, and the next thing we know the smile of a stranger makes us forget the cold for a brief moment while we are reminded that some people really do have hearts..and souls. 

how we can be doubting everything we have ever known and thought to be true, and in one second, on a cloudy night, we see something bright and vivid shoot across the sky. 

how we can be submersed in all the annoyances that are being a daughter, mother, husband, wife, etc..., and then step outside to feel a warm breeze, or see a beautiful summer sunset.  

the universe really does bless us each and every day.  when i feel that wind, or see that shooting star, or feel that strangers smile, i wonder how people cannot have FAITH and believe that there is such a thing as heaven, and miracles.  

i was driving home with a friend, and the moon was bright, it almost looks like dawn out right now..or it did a half hour ago..but the sky was cloudy, then strait ahead of us we saw a flash of light in the sky, and i just realized that....no matter how many petty problems we have, and how many stupid things we do or say, how much we may feel like your life is a big joke and everybody but you is in on it...that WE OWE something to life, and that life has given us much more than we will ever need. 


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nobody reads these things..nobody cares >_<

why doesn't anybody want to here what i have to say?